Things to See and Do: Delve into  
Singapore’s History with These Places
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Speaking of which, though modern era has given us various technological innovations that are truly 
marvelous, let’s not forget about the eras bygone that paved the way to what Singapore is now. To get 
to know more about the Lion City, here are some interesting places you can visit.
The Changi Museum
War, whether we like it or not, played a huge role in both the downfall and the birth of civilizations. At 
Changi Museum, you can explore Singapore’s wartime history during the Japanese Occupation in 
World War II.
National Museum of Singapore
As the oldest museum in the Lion City, National Museum is not just an iconic structure by itself but also 
a compelling historic place where Singapore’s past and present are pieced together in a beautiful tale 
and wrapped in elegant neo-classical structure.
Singapore City Gallery
Experience how the Lion City transformed physically throughout its 52 years of existence from its 
humble beginnings as a fishing village to the sprawling metropolis that it is now at Singapore City 

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